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Best Flood Prone Basement Flooring Solution

Posted on July 19, 2013 at 1:35 PM

Recently Toronto, had experienced a major flooding event as was the case in other parts of Canada, such as Calgary and Winnipeg, which almost experiences flooding every year after winters.

Since Concrete Art-FX, is a Toronto area based company, I would like to discuss in this post the best flooring solutions for home owners with flood prone basements or high moisture concrete floor slabs.

Since we specialize in concrete flooring we know for a fact that polished concrete floors withstand flooding very well.  Polished concrete is 99% pore free and thus will not damage, nor much water will penetrate into the polished concrete slab.  Certain parts of Toronto, are designated as flood prone areas and such home insurance companies do not extend flooding coverage, or charge outrageous amount to insure the home. Having polished concrete floors installed in the basement, will eliminate the need to re-place floors everyt time the sewer backs up, or a sudden hit of crazy amount of rain that floods the basement as we recently had here in Toronto.


Meaning after cleaning up the flood, you will be ready to use the floor as if nothing was wrong. Similarly epoxy flooring will also mitigate any damage from a flood, but if the flooding isn't cleaned up within 24 hours, the epoxy floor may lose it's high luster, and would require a re-coating of epoxy or less expensive polyurethane to restore a high gloss shine if so desired.

The only caveat with epoxy flooring, and concrete staining, is that the concrete slab must be tested for moisture to ensure that there is not too much moisture within the concrete floor slab being emitted. If the test comes back showing too much moisture is being emitted from the concrete slab, then an MVP (moisture vapour reduction sealer) coating treatment must be applied prior to applying epoxy or polyurethane or these coating will haze and begin to lift off the concrete floor if too much emitting moisture is present in the concrete floor slab. So if you happen to fall in with many Torontonians who had suffered from basement flooding?. Then maybe you realy should consider polished concrete or epoxy floor finish for the basement.


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