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Why No Two Polished Concrete Floors Are Never Exactly The Same

Posted on October 2, 2013 at 12:50 AM

Being one of the largest residential and light commercial polished concrete companies, we receive many calls about polished concrete flooring. Often people want to see samples of polished concrete floors. Some contractors carry around samples of a polished concrete which they created to show as samples but often these contractors may not tell you that your floor will not look as the sample.

The beautiful thing about polished concrete is it's unque appearance and its seamless look. Each and every ground and polished concrete slab is unique as result of the concrete mix composition varies from one mix to the next in terms of colour, aggreagte size, and faults found in the slab. The way the concrete was finished and cured is also a factor in the final appearance of diamond polished concrete floor.

As such for the above reasons mentioned, grinding and polishing concrete produces unique concrete flooring that will last the life of the space you have polished concrete floors in. When an old concrete slab is professionally diamond ground, densified with our premium lithium sealer, and resin polished by skilled technician,  is the key to a successful diamond polished concrete floor job..

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