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What Is Retro Plating? And How Is It Different Then Polished Concrete?

Posted on October 22, 2013 at 9:40 AM

Retro Plating a concrete floor really is no different then polished concrete at all. Well, there could be a difference, let me explain: The process of Retro platting is very much the same as a typical grinding and polishing process we all call polished concrete. The word Retro plating really means that you are applying a densifier as you normally would after any grind or before polishing. So Retro plating essentially is the name of the densifier that is being used by an authorized user of Retro Plate densifier manufacturer.

What most commercial and industrial clients are lead to believe that this Retro Plate is an entire process, but it's NOT!.

Simply put, Retro Plate is a good densifier that is sold exlusively to a limited number of concrete polishing companies which pay more for the right to use an exclusive product, thereby enabling them to charge a premium to clients by selling the Retro Plate process and as such most client who buy into the marketing gimick will end paying over  30% to 50% or more premium for Retro Plate process compared with our polished concrete finishes. However if you can get past the marketing fluff of Retro Plate, a professional contractor such Concrete Art-FX Inc., has over years of testing numerous densifier products, has identified the best densifier product that not just performs like a Retro Plate floor, but often even better then Retro Plate densifier. The result is you get a beautiful polished concrete floor with natural high sheen yet at up to 50% discount to a Retro Plate polished concrete prices.

So you decide?, should you buy into the hype of a Retro Plate densifier?, Or should you be the wiser, and save money with an experienced polished concrete contractor who understands the science and process of a quality workmanship of ground and polished concrete floor.

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