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Outdoor Pollished Concrete Instead Of Stamped Concrete

Posted on October 23, 2013 at 4:25 PM

To many people the idea of having diamond grinding and polishing their structural concrete floors in their home or business is gaining popularity, yet it is still a relatively new phenomena for most people. It is even less common or rare to find a polished concrete or a honed concrete finish in an outdoor setting like patios, court yards, walkways, pool decks or any concrete slab where corrosive road salt is not used during winter month can be transformed into visually appealing polished or honed concrete surface that does NOT look like concrete after the transformation.

We have tested, and incorporated a new method of honing and polishing outdoor concrete slabs. This process exposes from slight to deep aggregate within in the slab while offering slight to no sheen finish. This process is ideal for most horizontal outdoor concrete surfaces


Outdoor polished concrete is a slightly different process then we use when grinding and polishing indoor concrete floors. We grind more aggressively and don't polish as heavily as indoors, but just as ethically beautiful, non slippery and practical outdoor surface.

Outdoor diamond polished concrete finish is suitable in any outdoor area with non corrosive environment and is way cheaper then stamped concrete and will outlast stamp concrete 3 times longer with minimal maintenance required. So before you consider stamping the concrete around your house, consider the beauty and elegance of an outdoor diamond polished concrete floor finish. You may be happy you did.

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