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Choosing A Good Stained Concrete Floor

Posted on June 29, 2010 at 6:34 AM

Stained concrete floors could be a good alternative to choose for a better and beautiful floor of your house. They offer a great surface which is easy to clean and reduces allergies. Moreover, the stained concrete floors come in a variety of colors and glow with a waxy sheen to suit your taste best. However, the wrong choice of stained concrete floor could give the wrong impression.

The choice of an acid-based and an acrylic stained concrete is the first step to start from. In the acid concrete, they require more care and may cause a foul smell or irritation because of their chemical contents if not well cared for. The acrylic concrete is better for covering existing flaws but less attractive than the acid based.


The range of colors should suit your lifestyle. Access all the available colors in the market and only go for that which suits you best. Never go for the wrong color just because it is the only one available at the moment or because it is cheap. The goal is to improve the beauty and the wrong color choice could ruin the intended impression.

The hiring of a professional to do the job could be a great investment. They will advice you on the best way to install the stained concrete floor, which materials are best and which color well suits your house. Personal installation could ruin the work and make the floor look even worse than before.

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