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Decorative Concrete Flooring Trend In Ontario

Posted on June 6, 2014 at 12:20 AM

Over the last 10 years the decorative concrete flooring business has been evolving rapidly as new products and new application techniques  are constantly re-invented or updated.

We at Concrete Art-FX have evolved with our niche industry as well and continue to do so by offering customers the best practical options while considering client budget.

Back in 2005, our most common flooring work we were producing was mainly acid staining and decorative concrete overlays were our big sellers and the big trend back then. Today, in 2014 the new decorative concrete flooring leader in polished concrete. Concrete polishing has really taken off in Ontario as people and businesses alike are realizing the esthetic and the practical advantages and value of naturally ground and polished concrete flooring has to offer.

We also noticed a new trend developing in the last 2 years with our proprietary new flooring system called metallic epoxy or, metallic polyaspartic flooring. This floor system can be applied on any repaired or regular concrete with numerous vibrant and beautiful colour schemes available in metallic epoxy floors. This floor system perfectly camouflages any imperfections in  the concrete and is totally seamless and fault free.  For these reasons the popularity of metallic epoxy floors is growing rapidly and is highly recommended in any place where requiring a rich elegant and sophisticated floor finish.

If you have further interest in the floor finishes discussed in this blog, please feel free to browse our site for more info.

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