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Creating A Perfect Custom Polished Concrete Floor

Posted on June 13, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Polished concrete flooring has become a much more of a common place in 2014 then ever before. Yet new people are introduced to the natural beauty and the numerous advatages of polished concrete floor. For those people who are just familirizing themselves for the first time to polished concrete, the odds are that you have seen and walked on various forms of decorative and non decorative polished concrete floors when entering into grocery stores, big box stores, restaurants, galleries, museums, professional offices, homes and condos, as well as many private and public establishments.

Although not frequently,he biggest problem as a company that we encounter with grinding and polishing the existing concrete is that you do not have the option to select the concrete slab to polish, but rather the client must be ready to accept all or any faults in the concrete surface after the concrete  grinding and polishing process is complete. As a professional concrete grinding and polishing company, we are able to perfect out mechanical grinding and polishing process but what we can not do is camouflage the previous faults and repaired cracks or gouges on structural concrete surface. Most clients prefer and  enjoy  the uniqueness and the natural faults that is sometimes found in a polished concrete floor.

As the market for polished concrete is evolving into more sophistication, manufacturers of Portland cement mixes are taking advantage of the growth in the market by developing and producing new specialty hybrid self leveling concrete mixes designed to be poured at about 3/8"thickness and polished and can be customized to customer's preference and colour.


The new self-leveling concrete mix can be seeded or broadcasted with customer's choice of custom colour aggregate, or recycled colour glass, sea shell or even a combination of broadcasting materials can be embedded into the newly poured floor.

We at Concrete Art-FX Inc., specialize in self-leveling floor applications for retail and residential flooring. We use Mapei and currently working with new boutique products to offer our clients the finest polished concrete finishes in southern Ontario.

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