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Acid staining- The New Vibrant Art

Posted on October 11, 2010 at 2:52 AM

Did you know that dull boring grey concrete can be modernized,such that it gets a colorful designer look? This can be completed by the methodcalled acid staining, where an appalling looking concrete is transformed to a vibrantpiece of art. You can also convert your fragmented, blemished and damaged pooldecks, interior floors to a stunning natural stone using acid staining at merecharge instead of trading a new one.

Acid staining concrete is emerging as the new king of designas you can make any design with any dimension and color, according to yourimagination ranging from coarse to highly sophisticated. Since acid stain is acombination of water and hydrochloric acid with acid soluble salts, which worksby reacting with hydrated lime; in turn producing color to the material. Whenthe concrete comes in contact with the acid stain, the surface gives a look ofan uneven, mottled and translucent color. The color of the concrete depends onthe chemical combination of the material.

Unlike the paint, which sticks to the surface, acid stainingpenetrates into the deeper layers, becoming a permanent part of the concrete andwill not chip or peel. The acid staining should be performed only by anexperienced applicator, else it plays an adverse effect on the material.



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