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Concrete Polishing ? A Nice Way to Improve the Appearance of the Floor

Posted on October 11, 2010 at 3:00 AM

A lot of people prefer to get afloor polished to enhance the appearance. Concrete floors can be polished,because they are made form porous material, which absorbs a lot of floor polish.The polish fills these pores, thus making the concrete stronger, more moistureresistant and providing an ultimate sheen.

For polishing the old concretefloors or damage concrete floors, firstly coarse grinding is done. After that,the patches are filled and polishing can be done over the patches to give aneat and even finish. By doing concrete polishing, the floors can withstandheavy loading of machinery or furniture.

On the other hand, while pouringa new concrete floor, suggest the flooring contractor to lay a non porousconcrete mixture that does not allow the polish to seep into the flooring. Polishingof the floor can be carried out after the non porous concrete is laid. It isrecommended that the polishing of the new concrete floor is done only after 30days, after the concrete has set, so that a long lasting polish can beachieved. There are several concrete polishing companies who can be found at everymajor city in Canada such as Toronto, who provide the best service.


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