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Polished Concrete for heated concrete floors.

Posted on April 6, 2011 at 10:04 AM

Polished concrete flooring is an ideal choice for radiant heated flooring. however your radiant heating contractor or the contractor who is doing the pouring of the new concrete slab over the radiant heating should be aware that the concrete slab will be grinded and polished as the final floor finish.

For concrete polishing a minimum of 1.5 inches but preferably two inches of cement base must be poured and bull floated to a very flat finish for concrete floor polishing. The contractor pouring the new concrete slab over the heating elements must take great care to ensure the floor is finished to a perfectly smooth and flat finish.  If the contractor who poured the concrete slab did not take care in leaving a smooth flat floor, imperfection will appear when the concrete grinded and only when the polishing steps commence that the faults begin to appear, such as the appearance of slight  waviness or low/high spots that about half of the people actually don't seem to mind having the natural fault included in the polished concrete floor. However people wishing to achieve the best possible results in polishing concrete would have to pay additional costs to the concrete polishing contractor to correct the the low/high spots left behind by the new concrete pour and often are not happy about doing so. If you have installed radiant heated floors, or planning to do so, make sure you let them know you plan to have the concrete floor slab polished and let them know that you expect a level, smooth flat floor that is not power troweled.

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