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Polished Concrete Versus Epoxy Coated Concrete

Posted on May 25, 2011 at 5:22 PM

Often people mistake naturally polished concrete with epoxy coated concrete flooring.  Although this is a common error, there distinct difference between the two types of finishes. Let's talk about epoxy, this type of concrete floor treatment is an economical way to dust proof concrete and give a clean attractive appearance to any concrete floor. There arre many colours and finishes available and epoxy usually produces a high gloss mirror like finish that is looks clean and great!. However epoxy requires periodic maintenance and re-coating pending on the traffic every 5 to 10 years and requires a little more costly maintenance procedures than polished concrete. Epoxy floors are better suited then polished concrete where the concrete floor is not even, badly worn,  or places where chemical spilage is not uncommon such as auto garages, airplane hangars, and food processing facilities. In such environments epoxy withstands the chemical assault better than polished concrete and is recommended.

Polished concrete is an eco-friendly, durable beautiful lifetime floor. Concrete polishing is a process that entails diamond grinding of the existing concrete floor with specialty equipment and diamond tooling after which a densifier is applied to dust proof and harden the concrete slab prior to using resin tooling to polish the concrete floor to a natural polished state. This process is call concrete polishing and has many advantages over typical flooring. Polished concrete stands up to heavy traffic wear, requires minimal regular maintenance and offers stunningly beautiful natural textured flooring. We find that many commecial businesses, condos, homes and public galleries and buildings are choosing concrete polishing as a flooring option of choice. Polished concrete provides a contemprary feel and natural seemless floor choice that is truely unique and no two polished concrete floors look a like because no two concrete slabs are exactly alike.

If you are interested in having your concrete floor slab turned into polished concrete floor, you will find lots of useful info on this website.

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