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polished concrete for Summer Production Shutdown

Posted on June 24, 2011 at 3:27 PM

Many manufacturering companies in the greater toronto area and Southern Ontario undergo a 2 week shutdown in the manufacturing to update their production facilities and do concrete floor maintenance. we at Concrete art-FX help manufacturing companies by repairing and polishing concrete floors.

Summer shutdown is an ideal time for turning dusty plant and warehouse concrete floors into highly useful polished concrete flooring that enables the fork lift machines to operate over the polished concrete surface without blowing out tires often associated with rough concrete surfaces. Polished concrete offers a dust free work environment which makes polished concrete floors a breeze to clean and maintain on the regular basis. Polished concrete is skid resistant and is an extremely durable floor for the money and provides a safer work place by preventing off gasing of Radon gas that can occur naturally from underground and evoporates through the porous concrete. If your production or manufacting facilty suffers from dust and rough concrete floors, you owe to yourself to investigate the benefits of concrete polishing for the manufacturing plant or company production floor.

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