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Metallic Epoxy Floors

Posted on August 25, 2011 at 11:15 AM

Very few people in the marketplace are aware, nor familiar with epoxy floor coatings infused with metallic nano powder coloring. Metallic epoxy flooring is an ultimate decorative concrete floor finish for any residential or commercial use. Metallic floors are very unique in appearance and every job installed with colored metallic epoxy has it's own character, texture and seldom that two jobs of metallic epoxy floors look exactly alike.

We believe that colored metallic epoxy flooring system is more attractive than acid staining the concrete as well as metallic epoxy finishes can be applied virtually onto any solid concrete surface while in the process hiding all the imperfections in the concrete surface that the concrete substrate may have such as repaired cracks, patched, gouges, holes, etc.

For interior designers, home or business owners, seeking to achieve a signiture floor for their home or business, will find metallic epoxy floor coloring an excellent choice to achieve that one of kind floor that has character, depth, and visual appeal unlike any other flooring system. Another important factor of colored metallic epoxy flooring is that it's economical enough that it will meet most new flooring budgets.

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