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Re-Leveling and Custom Resurfacing Existing Concrete Floors

Posted on January 29, 2015 at 10:55 AM

The surface that is continuously overlooked in many homes is the concrete floor in the basement areas and garage areas. Even though the floor is old and has many cracks, there is a way to give it a modern updated look.

To get a concrete floor fixed to create a new finish, at times, it is necessary to make some places smoother and this can be achieved by the use of self - leveling products.

This unique mixture can help solve a lot of problems that may be associated with a concrete floor. It does not matter if there are cracks, chipped areas, holes or uneven spots due to heaving. Self - leveling concrete can be made use of from ¼ inch up to one thick thickness to achieve floor expectations and requirements. This is very true in spaces where the concrete pad gets in touch with another floor or maybe doorway. Small rooms and narrow areas with plenty support posts are good candidates for this type of mix.

Another wonderful thing concerning a self levelling mix is that it is possible to get it tinted in a countless number of colorations. This makes the customization of these types of floors very easy. A few designers have gone far as to include different materials like recycled color glass, aggregates, and other mediums can be made use of to create a highly unique custom floor effects. When not set up, immediately the floor surface is washed with a hose, the additions are exposed, making a provision for a natural appearance.

Technology for new flooring has created a lot of new alternatives for homeowners interested in making a new decorative concrete look. Adding to all of these new options, self - leveling concrete mix can be cut through with a saw to make a brand new patio stone surface. This is awesome since a lot of other surfaces easily receive gouges and scratches easily and appear to be very hard to maintain. Comparing it to cement, cement just requires water and a soap solution, therefore no special chemical mixtures are needed.

A self levelling polished concrete flooring system may contain a blend of Portland cement, polymers and other proprietary ingredients when applied. It produces a floor that has nice looking natural shade differences with a beautiful and clean finishing. This great polishing system also opens up a group of different design possibilities. A floor just ¼ to ½ thick looks and feels exactly like a power trowelled polished concrete floor.

In this way, new concrete floors are converted to marvelous nice looking seamless floor finishes and also, newly poured concrete floors are transformed into unique and highly wanted flooring like polished concrete, metallic epoxy finish and a lot of protective and decorative floor finishes.

One of several options for self - leveling concrete floor finishes includes

Color – standard colors of many decorative floor self – leveling finishes appear either grey (light grey) or white. However, it is very possible to tint our concrete mixes to a lot of other many color shades, depending on one’s request.


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