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Epoxy Floor Coating To Beautify And Protect Concrete Floors

Posted on September 19, 2012 at 2:35 PM

Use of Epoxy Flooring for Decorative Flooring is gaining great popularity among homeowners and retailers alike.

Having a great floor has been one of the main features of any house or business. It can also add up to the value of a house. So it is a must to have a good flooring system that functions and looks greats. There are a lot of flooring options that can help you decorate your floors such as Bamboo Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, Ceramic Tiles, Linoleum Flooring, Carpets, Rugs, Vinyl Sheets, Cork Flooring, Marble Floors and Rubber Flooring. Add to this list is the epoxy floor coatings combined with a stained concrete floor or metallic epoxy floor finish, a decorative custom coloured concrete floor with epoxy finish, offers a seamless floor finish with easy cleaning at a reasonable cost.

People choose epoxy flooring because it has long service life, low maintenance, strong and durable, and looks great and unique. Epoxy coated floors are chemical resistant and often found on industrial facilities floors. Using epoxy over the concrete flooring in retail and homes may sound new to some people since they are usually seen on commercial and industrial concrete floors. However with advent of specialty colourants for concrete, a professionally colour stained concrete floor with epoxy coating, will beautify any decor and the decorative concrete floors with epoxy coating are designed and applied to client's liking or specs.

Industrially, many companies have been using epoxy because it can withstand and wears gracefully when exposed to oil, acid, grease, salt, sugar, etc.


Kinds of Epoxy Flooring

- Self leveling epoxy floors – popularly used in dining rooms and kitchens because they can be cleaned easily.

- Epoxy Flaked Floors – has an anti slip quality due its rough façade. This epoxy flooring has flakes in it for decorative purposes which provide the rough exterior.

- Epoxy Terrazzo Floors – these are decorative floors used in larger spaces such as malls or airports.

- Self dispersing epoxy floors with quarts sand – has a good anti slip design and can be found in fine retail establishments or residential garages.

- Cyclonic Epoxy Floors – usually used in areas with heavy traffic and use because this its sturdy features.

- Epoxy Antistatic Floors – commonly used in areas where static presence is unwanted.

The Advantages of Epoxy Floorings

- It promotes a cleaner surrounding because it can be easily cleaned. Also, this flooring type has antimicrobial properties.

- Low Maintenance because

- Accidents such as slips – ups are avoided because of its anti-slip exterior.

- Heat resistant. It can stand any heat.

- Maintains a good look because of its impenetrability.

- They wear gracefully.

- Cost effective. The installation of the floors can be done by oneself so there’s no need to hire the help of professionals.

So with these benefits in mind, the epoxy flooring should be added on one’s options in creating a fully polished floor. If one is deciding whether to use epoxy flooring or not be sure of what it is and do some researches first, on where one can buy it. This way one can look and search for other options. An epoxy floor has a variety of styles and colors and can be easily customized by adding chips in it. They can be bought online or hardware or specialty stores.

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