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Why You Should Consider Resurfacing Concrete Floors

Posted on September 27, 2012 at 9:40 AM

Even though resurfacing structual concrete floors into decorative floor finishes is gaining rapid popularity in North America and Toronto, over the last 10 years, there still many more people that have never heard nor familiar with decorative concrete floor finishes available.

Using the structual concrete as flooring medium is an inexpensive way to create seamless highly decorative, long lastist flooring that is also Eco-friendly as it is beautiful.

Our top 3 most favourite decorative concrete floor finish that we create and install are;

1. Naturally Polished Concrete - By diamond grinding and then resin polishing concrete floors, produces a natural stone like effect with natural sheen, low maintenance and a simple yet very beautiful floor. Prices can range from as little as $2.00 per square foot for very large areas to as much as $8.00 per square foot for smalll very complicated job projects.

2. Metallic Epoxy Floor Finishes - This is a relatively new decorative concrete flooring system that is really ideal for any concrete floors regardless of the state of the concrete, provided the concrete slab is solid in nature. Metallic epoxy is a 3 or 4 application system that will transform the ugliest of concrete surfaces, and will transform it into unique, and stunning three dimensional floor finish. Metallic epoxy floor finish can be customized in colour and texture to produce truely gorgeous high end flooring that will suite the finest residence or commercial spaces. Metallic epoxy prices can vary from $4.00 to $7.00 per square foot pending on the design and the type of coating products used such as epoxy or polyaspartic or even MMA sealers that are rapidly curring and extremely durable for foot traffic and chemicals.

3. Staining Concrete Floors - Professionally colour stained floorsare extremely economical when compared to other types of hard flooring. Staining concrete floors will transform most concrete floors into colourful work of art floors. With choice of epoxy, polyaspartic or polyurethane top coat finish which will protect and enhance the floor appearance.

So why is decorative concrete floors gaining in popularity?, The answer is simple.  Decorative concrete floors add value to the decor, very economical, and one of kind flooring that is totally seamless are some of the key reasons professionally finished concrete floors are gaining popularity.

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