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Top 5 Reasons To Choose Concrete Polishing Versus Epoxy Floor Coating

Posted on March 18, 2013 at 11:35 AM

In this post I want to discuss the top 5 reasons to choose diamond ground and resin polished concrete floors instead of applying epoxy coatings over the concrete floors. I do not want to give an impression that epoxy is not good choice, because there are times where epoxy may be the only choice for a particular project, and I will discuss such instances in another upcoming post. First I like to mention the difference between the two finishes as I often speak to clients who refer to epoxy flooring as polished concrete and vise versa. Diamond ground and resin polished concrete is a mechanical process which transforms ordinary concrete floors into a natural finished state with no topical sealers to cover the surface and the final look is commonly compared to granite or terazzo like finish. Epoxy floor coating is a high gloss, high solid resin content floor sealer/finish is a thick coating which sits on top of the concrete surface producing a high gloss artificial floor shine versus a natural reflective sheen of polished concrete floor. With that being said, let's talk about the benefits polished concrete here.

Top 5 Reasons to Select Polished Concrete Instead of Epoxy

1. Attractive and unique - Naturally polished concrete offers beautiful seemless floor with natural reflective sheen and plenty of character to compliment any commercial or residential decor. Varies degrees of sheen and aggregate exposure can be achieved to suite any taste. Although most polished concrete you usually see is natural grey, colour can be added during the process to tranform the colour of the floor. There numerous earth and vibrant colour available to choose from for polishing concrte.

2. Eco-friendly - A polished concrete flooring is the most Eco-friendly flooring. As structual concrete slab is transformed into high end beautiful floor without the use of any floor covering materials. This makes perhaps the most Eco-friendly floor available today. And as such concrete polishing earns top points in LEED building construction.

3. Low Maintenance - The cost to maintain most polished concrete floors is minimal and does not require costly periodic re-coating or re-polishing of concrete.  Typically regular dust moping and neutral damp mopping is all takes to maintain a polished concrete floor. There are janitorial service companies that specialize in the maintenance of concrete flooring. In the greater Toronto area you can cotact Serv-U-Clean Janitorial services for a free quote.

4. Low Cost - The process of concrete polishing can be a relatively an inexpensive process pending on the size, condition, and requrements of the client and wether it's for their home or business determines the final price. But when considering the cost over the life of the floor, hands down polished concrete flooring is the cheapest to own and operate for most retail and commercial businesses. As for residential, a polished concrete floor will last a lifetime.

5. Durability - One of the most important aspects to a polished concrete flooring is it's amazing durability. It can handle very heavy foot traffic or even vehicular traffic just the same and still last for 20 years or more with little maintenance. The mechanical process of polishing concrete prevents common scratching, tire or skid marks and is 99% waterproof.

There are certainly other reasons why polished concrete is the floor choice of today and the future. There are now new less mechanical process that can be used to polish which further expand the market by offering a more affordable polished concrete finishes to choose for clients. If you would like to get a professional quotation on polished concrete please complete the free estimate form.


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