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What is The Difference Between A Sealer And High-end Coating?

Posted on May 1, 2013 at 5:45 PM

Most people are not familiar with the difference between a concrete sealer and a coating. With huge variety of protective concrete sealers and coatings available on the market today how is a client suppose to know?.

what it is the best protective coating to use?  Frequently customers get mislead by the concrete flooring contractor, who himself may not be an expert on premium concrete coatings and their advantages and may overlook the importnace of using high-end concrete coatings for their clients, and will apply an inexpensive common concrete sealer with short life span.

People often think a concrete sealer and coatings are all the same, some being high gloss and some low gloss, and so on. But that is simply not so. The primary difference between a high-end concrete coating such as polyaspartic,  polyurea, or a a 100% solid resins epoxy coatings are applied in a thick build film versus a thin built film for most sealers. Acrylic based sealers are the most commonly used concrete sealers in the decorative concrete business due to it's low cost and relative ease of application. However acrylic sealers do not hold up very well over time since the best acrylic sealers have a maximum of 30% solids and is typically applied at only 2 mil thick therefore requiring constant re-coating which can be costly and inconvenient too. High-end concrete coatings usually start at 5 to 7 mil thick and usually considerably more, offering much better protection and extends the re-coating cycle by ten fold or more.

Furthermore most concrete sealers are sold as a one part sealer ready to apply. Most concrete coatings are two part (A + B) which offers more durability through cross linking technology of mixing resins with hardeners which exhibits a tight mesh like protection for concrete that acrylics do not offer.

If I have just confused you?, Well if that's the case then let me make a simple analogy that makes sense; Imagine it's a cold winter day and you are about to go outdoors. If you wear a warm winter jacket it is very likely you will be able to stay outside much longer then if you were wearing a plain leather jacket. This is exactly what happens when high-end coatings are substituted for average concrete sealers. Acrylic and most concrete sealers although look good when applied, does not have a long wear life and nor can concrete sealers will not endure heavy abrasion or foot traffic like a concrete coating.

As the old saying; "You often get what you pay for."

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