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Achieving A Lasting Epoxy Floor

Posted on June 29, 2010 at 6:31 AM

The floor is practically the foundation of any building and its maintenance is crucial. The process can be time consuming and cost you a lot of time. However, this problem can be cut down by the use of epoxy floors. The epoxy floor is aesthetically appealing, strong and resilient. However, if this is not applied and maintained properly, it can lead to problems.


Never cut corners when shopping for epoxy. The quality of the epoxy determines it's appeal and durability. Always go for the quality epoxy coating no matter the cost. Cheap epoxy have been watered down and hence low quality.


The floor preparation also affects the durability of the epoxy coat. Poorly prepared floors lead to bumpy areas which ruin the attractiveness and in the process due to the air in it, it will wear out quickly. It's good to seek help from a professional to do the work for you.


Greasy or oil stained floor does not go well with the epoxy coat. Have the affected areas cleaned with degreasers or high pressure hot water. Moreover, have the necessary repairs done on the floor to counter any cracks, water leaks and any other floor problems.


Once the coating is done, it is good to always keep it clean and from direct sun. Ultra-violet radiations are the main cause of coat damages. This will help you enjoy the full advantages of the epoxy floor. 

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