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Perfect Polished Concrete Floor Is In The Details

Posted on November 11, 2013 at 3:55 PM

in last few years professional concrete polishing companies has to deal with a deluge of newly sprung concrete polishers in the Toronto area. As result, the quality of polished concrete floors produced by these new concrete polishers is at best hit and miss scenario. New contractors often skim on obtaining WISB nor liability insurance for their new business and often will economize on important equipment and tooling to save on costs. More importantly rookie contractors lack the many years of experience of know how to produce a professional polished concrete floor. Dealing with newly formed concrete polishing contractors is a very risky proposition.

Recently I received a referral from a previous client, asking me to drop in to a business a few doors away from his as he wanted me to look at the polished concrete floors another contractor created. When I arrived, I was horrified. The texture of the surface was totally inconsistent as it clearly looked as if the contractor was grinding and polishing the floor in random fashion. Furthermore the entire floor was full of scratches. Yes we get paid to grind and polish the concrete not to scratch and polish.


I asked my client's friend why did he select the contractor that he did?, His answer was the designer chose him and he was cheap in price. Now what a shocker?, It is very typical that new polished concrete contractors will drop prices promise the universe, and can't deliver the moon as saying goes. Although what I have just sighted is a major example of rookie polishing contractors, what is more common is the details missed. Very few concrete slabs do not have cracks or gouges or pitting. So an experienced polishing contractor such as Concrete Art-FX, uses expert products and techniques to blend in the repairs like a fine tailor. Where as a rookie contractor, often have no idea how to properly make the repairs that will blend into the polished concrete floor. Below are examples of professional crack and hole repairs.


Professional concrete floor patching requires experience and know how.



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