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Toronto's 42 Potential Flood Zones Could Be At Risk This Spring

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 9:40 AM

Toronto is and has experienced the most taxing winter in many decades on record. The huge snow fall sitting on the ground will need to eventually melt and drain way. Since there is so much snow  accumulation the possibility of flooding in Toronto's 42 identified flood zones is real possibility. There a few measures homeowners can do to minimize flooding by simply plowing the snow around the foundation of the house to reduce the flooding seeping through the concrete walls.

However the more common type of flooding one cannot prevent is when the municipal sewer system backs up into your home. In such cases having a ready to go automatic sump pump that kicks in when such an event occurs in the home. If you live in one of the 42 identified areas as flood prone zone then the best protection you can install to prevent disastrous flooding as seen in the above pics.

 In the summer 2013, Concrete Art-FX, had ground and polished more concrete basements then ever before in any one year due to the severe flooding that occurred in July, in Toronto and GTA.

Having professionally finished polished concrete floors will withstanding floods and in general can tolerate abuse like no other type of flooring without damaging the polished concrete floor.

So make every effort to flood proof your home if you live in any of the 42 known flood zones in the GTA. We have attached a PDF map of all  identified 42 flood zones in around Toronto.

If your home has been flooded and the insurer will not cover the next flood, then we highly recommend polishing your basement concrete floors.  Polished concrete floor is flood proof and is a unique beautiful lifetime floor finish ideal for any home, business, or industrial facilities. 

Concrete Art-FX Inc., specializes in the showroom quality concrete polishing and other decorative concrete floor finishes throughout the GTA and southern Ontario since 2005.


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