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Polished Concrete: Giving your concrete an elegant look

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 9:08 PM

Alongside being durable and requiring low- maintenance,polished concrete has many benefits. Importantly, it looks much better thanunpolished one, thus, giving a well-groomed look to the surface. However, theprocedure of concrete polishing requires both money and time. Let us see how itis carried out.

In brief, polished concrete is made by grinding the toplayers and then flattening the surface to correct any imperfections. Grindingis done using a fine diamond tool which makes the surface brighter and easierto clean. After this, an agent for hardening is applied and left to penetrateabout half an inch into the layers. This agent adds properties like hardness,strength, resistance against water and oil to the concrete.

Pores can be seen after the grinding is done for the firsttime. An acrylic adhesive is used for filling them, either mixed with cementpowder and spread by a trowel or sprayed directly in the pores. If the concretemix is not applied properly then foot marks could be seen. Clearing suchunwanted appearances requires further grinding which again increases the cost.

Similar to wood flooring, edging of concrete floors is doneseparately. It is advisable to use a small angular grinder along with dustshield to deal with the corners as big machinery could damage the walls andmake the work difficult.      


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