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Do it yourself ? Concrete Polishing

Posted on November 16, 2010 at 4:08 AM

Polished concrete is a great wayto enhance the appearance of any arena. It could be done for your flooring,kitchen countertops, roofs or tiles; the evenness of the surface can be onlyachieved from a polished concrete. This is a very demanding and skillful task. Nevertheless,it can be done by anyone provided they follow the right steps and carefullycarryout the process.

Here are a few points worthmentioning before you start the concrete polishing task to help you yield thebest surface consistency. It is all about the concrete mixture you prepare. Awell calculated mixture of cement, sand and water will make up a good batch ofconcrete.  The ideal combination ofconcrete would be one part of cement, two pars of sand and one-half part ofwater.

For polished concrete, apply onlyone inch of concrete. While pouring the concrete mixture, stop in between andrepeatedly tap the surface to release any air bubbles. Once this is done, allowit to settle for three days to begin the concrete polishing. Concrete is onceagain applied to correct any bumps or surface unevenness.

If you cannot manage this, you mayfind some really good and experienced concrete polishers at Toronto, Canada,who do a wonderful and professional job. Most of the concrete polishers foundhere use modern techniques to provide you a satisfactory polished concrete.


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