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Not Every Concrete is Created Equal

Posted on March 28, 2011 at 12:05 AM

Many people are falling in love with concrete polished floors and concrete floors which have been grinded and colour stained. Rightfully so as these floors are not only beautiful but are relatively inexpensive when compared to similar materials available on market today.

However not every concrete slab will look great when polished. Unlike going to the store or supllier to choose a granite or marble floor slab, when you select to go with polished concrete flooring, you are bound by the concrete floor slab which is in your home or office to be polished. If the concrete is too soft or has too many pit holes, uneven with low and high spots in the surface, are all issues which will effect the final result of polished concrete. People who seek to have their concrete floor polished must understand that concrete polishing process can bring the best out of a good concrete slab and may not do any justice to a concrete slab with too many inclusions and faults. Although the imperfections are part of character of polished concrete, people seeking a perfect floor may want to first have the floor overlayed with self-leveling concrete prior to having the floor polished. Although this can be a costly process, you will however get a polished concrete floor with high shine and no imperfections.

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