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Posted on June 27, 2011 at 4:40 PM

Concrete polishing is simple yet very refined and modern look that will compliment any modern business or home decor. However clients must know what they can expect from their concrete floors as there are no two concrete floors that are created equal. Good hard concrete slab that has been poured professionally and flat will yeild the best results when concrete floor is polished by professional Polishing Technician which undergo training to be able to evaluate a concrete slab wether its soft, medium, or hard concrete so as to know which diamond tooling will required and how to best proceed with polishing concrete slab.

There are other technical factors involved in concrete polishing which we will discuss at later blog, but most important is that the client must understand and be aware that concrete polishing is a process that a concrete slab undergoes as would any natural stone such as granite or marble, by first the concrete floor is grinded so as to flatten the surface and to expose the natural character and beauty of the existing concrete slab (same as granite or marble), then the concrete is densified to dust proof and harden the surface over time, and then concrete polishing process commences through varies diamond grit tooling pending on the level of shine the client desires from their polished concrete floor. Because concrete polishing is a process that uses your existing concrete slab, concrete polishing will reveal the natural flaws and beautiful feature of the slab which is part of polished concrete appeal and natural character. When clients prefer a polished concrete floors without potential flaws then there are technics to ensure a perfect concrete canvas for polishing to a flawless finish but typically is a costly process that involves applying a new thin layer of cement overlay prior to grinding and polishing as described. Most concrete are good candidates for concrete polishing but not all are. visit to obtain more info and explore concrete polishing data and facts before you decide on the type of concrete polishing is right for you.

Polished concrete is the most eco-friendly flooring available on the market since concrete polishing is done over structual concrete used to form the building structure turn into a fine finished floor as well as concrete is a renewable resourse abundtly available everywhere, in addition to offering seemless clean and minimalistic floor look that willl compliment any office, retail stores, production areas, or residential decor schemes. If you never considered concrete polishing for your project, then maybe it's time you should.

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