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Retro Plating Vs Polished Concrete

Posted on July 5, 2011 at 9:49 AM

About 10 years ago or so, a company called Retro Plating was a established that developed a densifier sealer which was designed to be applied after the initial grinding prior to polishing concrete to harden concrete over time, and dust proof concrete floors. In addition retro Plating helps the polishing process to achieve a better shine to the final polished concrete finish. This process of retro Plating is more of marketing gimmick then a exclusive product, since there are many quality products on the market that do the exact same thing without much fan fare.

Retro plating is nothing more than a what is known in the polishing industry as densifier sealer. We at Concrete Art-FX use product line by Prosocco, and we believe that their product are superior to Retro Plating and is available to recognized concrete polishing professionals. The folks at Retro Plating thought they were clever when they decided as their marketing strategy to sell their Retro Plating product to only one polished concrete installer in each city in North America, perhaps thinking they could corner the polishing market to themselves.

Unfortunately for Retro Plating, their marketing strategy seriously back fired to the point that Retro Plating is nothing more than a fringe player. Retro plating were pioneers of the concrete polishing industry when they developed their product but because of the poor short sighted marketing of Retro Plating, gave all the benefits and advatages to their authorized installers since they were exlusively allowed to buy Retro Plating sealer but as the manufacturer of Retro Plating densifier sealer they basicly limited their own sales so severely that otherbig chemical companies began fill the void and leave Retro Plating in dust. That is why products by Prosocco are far more superior than Reto Plating because they sell more product and their R and D is much bigger and was able to develop a better and better product and turning Retro Plating into insignificant player in the concrete polishing industry to the point that Retro Plating represents less than a third of 1% of all polishing work done in Ontario. Everytime I hear the word "Retro Plating" it serves as a reminder as to how NOT to do business. It's amazing how a company with a great idea blew it by choosing poor distribution channel for their products. If you are looking to strenghten and polish concrete in your production or warehousing area, please contact us for more info.

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