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 Although there more variations available, below you will find the 3 most commonly used options. For more info on custom finish or adding colour(s) please contact our office for more details. 


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LEVEL 1 (Basic)

level 1 is often used in areas such as warehouses and big box stores, shops where owners may have concerns about  durability and cost efficiency. This service includes complete coating removal and diamond leveling of surfaces, followed by application of an impregnating concrete hardener sealer. This service provides a flat, durable, and easy to maintain floor surface that is very affordable and will last for many years.

The appearance results in a matte look, which enhances the natural grey tones of the concrete.  In addition to warehouse facilities, the NW1 floor has become very popular with designers going for a sleek, modern look. The matte surface compliments the stainless steel fixtures often used in such designs. 


level 2 includes complete previous coating removal and diamond grinding to leveling of surface, followed by application of an impregnating concrete hardener sealer as well an additional polish step to give the floor a low sheen.

This service provides smooth, durable, and easy to maintain floor surfaces that cost less than conventional floor coatings and its low shine is both aesthetically pleasing and durable to hold up to many  years of use.

Many clients enjoy this sheen level as it gives the same sleek look as the Level 1 matte, but with a slight shine that provides some light reflection.  The result is a flooring system that is unique, with a monolithic, subtle luster to compliment any facility, whether industrial, retail, or commercial.

(NW2 is equivalent to *IPCI Sheen Level 2 – Low Sheen)

level 3 is the most popular of the Super Floor System .  It includes all of the benefits of the NW2 floor plus an additional polish step. Concrete Art-FX will remove any coatings that have been applied to the concrete previously, and complete the surface prep by grinding to diamond blades to level the floor followed by impregnating concrete hardener self penetrating sealer  application.  Once the hardener has densified the surface, three polishing steps are performed, honing the concrete until a high sheen is acquired. 

One of the reasons this flooring system is so popular is due to the amazing reflection from the floor.  This floor system transforms drab, dirty-looking areas into long-lasting, beautiful spaces. 
(NW3 is equivalent to *IPCI Sheen Level 3-High Sheen)

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