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The Process of Creating An Epoxy Floor Finish

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 Concrete art-FX specialty Applications

We analyze the requirements of the facility and offer the best concrete floor system for each area. Chemical, abrasion and slip resistance, ergonomics, static control, sound reduction, anti-corrosion - we offer concrete floor systems for every environment.

Concrete Art-FX Inc., is able to handling all your concrete flooring requirements. Our epoxy flooring process starts by examining every slab of concrete we plan to coat. We will provide a detailed assessment of what to expect from a finished epoxy floor and fair price estimate of costs.

We offer samples of some of the different epoxy floor types and colour choices to give you an idea of what the finished decorative epoxy floor will look like, or a custom samples can be provided prior to the start of the project. Once the colour and surface finish has been decided on, the following are the steps undertaken by Concrete Art-FX to ensure a quality floor finish that will last:

  1. Clear the floor surface of all furniture, machinery, etc.
  2. Cover all fixtures.
  3. Diamond-grind or shotblast the floor to remove the pre-existing surface of all dirt, oil, and grease so as to ensure proper adhesion and a quality floor finish.
  4. Vacuum the concrete and blow out all dust and debris.
  5. Patch all cracks in the concrete with epoxy base patching compound.
  6. Apply the specified floor coating onto the concrete.

The key ingredient is the diamond grinding floor preparation process. The purpose of diamond grinding is to create a rough surface for the floor coating to penetrate and adhere to the concrete floor. This is accomplished by cleaning the concrete slab of all dirt and debris and through the mechanical diamond grinding process opens up the pores of the concrete so it will accept the selected epoxy or polyurethane coating with permenant bond.

Why Choose Concrete Art-FX Inc, for your concrete floor coating needs:

  • Night and weekend crews available
  • Efficient, clean, and precise flooring work
  • 100% solids epoxy professional grade products used.
  • Quality Warranty provided with every job.

The different types of concrete floor coating choices we offer:

  • Two part, two coat 100% solids resin epoxy flooring system
  • Full vinyl or granite chip epoxy system
  • Quartz epoxy floors system
  • Metallic epoxy coatings system
  • Electrostatic dissipative epoxy and polyurethane coating system (EDS conductive floors)
  • Electrical Insulating Floor Coating System
  • We also apply highly specialized protective concrete coatings on request