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 Self-leveling cement overlay Topping 

Is an ideal way to resurface damaged, uneven, rough concrete slabs or eliminate low and high spots in the original concrete floor slab and is suitable for use and applications in residential and commercial flooring with 4500 PSI strength after 30 days and very quick turn around time. The self-level cement floor can accept foot traffic in as little as 3 hours. However self-leveling overlays are also used to create a new canvas

on warn out concrete floor which then could be polished after the self-level concrete has been applied to a high shine or even colour stained and coated with 100% epoxy sealer or polyurethane to create a unique beautiful one of a kind concrete flooring.

we install various types of self-leveling cement overlays, including Therma-Floor cement overlay designed specifically to be poured over radiant heated tubes and elements for minimal to no stress cracking normally associated with radiant heated concrete. Click here for a Free estimate.

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 There are times when we encounter concrete slabs with large cracks or concrete slabs that have significant high and low spots or many pit holes and gouges in the surface of the concrete floor. When too many imperfections are present, this problem is solved and fixed with use and application of self leveling concrete overlays at varies thicknesses.

Clients seeking a polished concrete finish with zero imperfections, may opt to have self-leveling concrete floor installed (as seen on left) up to a half inch thickness and then process the new concrete surface into a desirable polished concrete floor finish thanks to the new technologies in self-leveling cement product manufacturing. Self-leveling underlayments and overlayments are widely used for variety of purposes to resurface wood sub-floors, over metal, or even ceramic floors can be resurfaced with self leveling cement overlays. There also many types of floor covering that require a perfectly flat concrete floor. A concrete slab that has many high and low spots must be fixed or flattened before any flooring can be laid on top such as wood and stone tile. In many cases a self leveling overlay is the easiest and best solution to flatten and level concrete floor slab.

A self leveling concrete overlay can be coloured stained after it gets hard with either acid stains or Eco-stains. Concrete Art-FX can also create patterns scored on or into the surface with our engraving tools and create any type of logo or graphical design.

For the most part, a self leveling concrete overlay is not used as the final finish, but rather covered up with another type of flooring. For decorative overlays, decorative colour staining, or covered with polymer modified cement toppings.