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Metallic Coloured Epoxy and Polyaspartic Floor Finishes



We now offer an incredible new, interior floor finish which consists of epoxy or our new offering of polyaspartic (The best and most durable sealer on market today) floor sealer that custom infused by us and mixed in with one or various metallic colour powders which are available in 6 standard colours and can be blended together to create additional shades that when applied onto a concrete floor, produces an awesome, rich metallic colour and depth to the floor like no other type of colourant floor finish we have ever seen, tested or offered before. This floor finish is really unique and it really rocks!!!

This is an ideal premium floor finish which we apply over freshly profiled concrete floor in either residential and commercial applications. Call us for a free estimate or more info on unique Metallic Epoxy or polysapartic floor finishes we offer. You will love it for the rich look and it wont break your floor budget and contains no VOC.

These finishes are ideal for showrooms, galleries, retail, homes and condos or anywhere where unique premium floor finish is desired.

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